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Speech and Phenomena

Chapter II: "The Reduction of Indication"

I.Scope of the problem:
    A.reduction of indication is necessary, yet infinite, and so
    B.threatening to entire project of phenomenology if irreducible
II.What is an indicative sign?
    B.unity of the function
        1.motivation of passage of thought
        2.linking actual knowledge to nonactual
            a. Sein, bestehen, Bestand Dasein, existieren, Realität
            b.very broad categories: any object, ideal as well as real
    C.beyond Anzeigen in strict sense simple "because" which covers
            a. Hinweis = indicative allusion
            b. Beweis = apodictic demonstration
        2.consequences of this distinction
            a.linking A and B w/ highest probability = indication
            b.linking acts grasping idealities may be nonevident indication [= psychic motivation of belief]
            c.linking contents of ideal objects in demonstrations indications
III.question of the Weisen [showing] in general
    A.not merely analogous, but also sharpens question of the interweaving
        1.whole of psychic experience in signification is indicative
        2.exteriority of indication through eidetic and trans reduction
            a.origin in association
            b.covers empiricity, etc, whatever will be excluded in reductions
    B.problematic of reductions forecast in distinction of sign function
            a.of fact to reach essence
            b.or empiricity to reach transcendentality
        2.depends upon this distinction of indication / expression
            a.because these are the markers of the two realms
            b.indication = world / expression = interior life
        3.same with parallelism of psychic and transcendental ego
    C.yet EH will try to separate signification from self-presence of T life isolating pre-indicative pure expression isolating pre-expressive pure sense
    D.if we allow language distinction to ground reductions,
        1.then reduction is at work in expression, prior to being a method
        2.contradiction of EH's intention:
            a.contaminate purity of sense
            b.totality of discourse caught up in indicative web