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Speech and Phenomena


  1. Unity of Husserl's work
    1. "germinal structure": JD finds the relation as différance in ITOG, EH's last work, so he looks back to LI, EH's first work, to see if he can find the "germinal structure" of all of EH's work here in the "essential distinctions" in the theory of the sign.
  2. "metaphysical presupposition": constituting phen from w/in, the principle of all principles pays homage to the present
    1. relation to metaphysics:
      1. although phen criticizes speculative metaphysics
      2. it claims to be genuine metaphysics
        1. "authentic mode of ideality":
          1. possible repetition of a productive act
          2. guaranteed by form of LP
    2. "tormented from w/in"
      1. claims T life as self-presence
      2. but describes temporality as constituted by non-presence
        1. time: retention--re-presentation
        2. other: appresentation--alter ego
    3. metaphysics as decision subordinating sign to logic
      1. postponed study of essence of language in general
        1. unity of traditional and phenomenological lang never studied
        2. metaphoricity must be examined
      2. determines essence of language by telos of logic [=relation to obj]
        1. widersinnig
        2. sinnlos
  3. presence
    1. two senses
      1. of object to act of intuition
      2. of act to itself in the now-form of LP
    2. Idea in Kantian sense
      1. ideality through repetition: identity of objects in the same
      2. form of the LP
  4. Transcendental life/death
    1. ideal language: voice
    2. life on both sides of transcendental / empirical
  5. parallelism
    1. T ego / empirical ego: unique difference, but not ontic
    2. the nothing that distinguishes them arises from neutralization of existence of the world
  6. ultra-transcendental concept of life
  7. voice