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Husserlian Logic

I. Pure Logic
    A. object: formal conditions of rationality underlying justified true belief
    B. conditions:
        1. to rule out nonsense (Unsinn), individual judgments must be both well-formed and significant (= investigation of pure forms of possible judments)
            a. formal categories of meaning: (e.g, proposition, concept, variable, etc.)
            b. formal categories of objects (="formal ontology") (e.g, object, state of affairs, aggregate, etc)
        2. to rule out absurdity (Widersinn), each judgment must be grounded by adherence to formal laws of evidence, verification, proof
            a. meaning: e.g., law of contradiction
            b. objects: e.g., law relating part/whole
        3. to ensure systematic rationality, a complete, consistent and axiomatic theory is telos
            a. meaning: formal properties of theories (consistency, etc.)
            b. objects: manifold field of knowledge
II. Philosophical Logic
    A. object: subjective conditions and material aspects of rational thought
    B. areas:
        1. material content of beliefs (perception, intuition, experience... as sources)
        2. evidence (justification of beliefs)
            a. transitive
            b. reflexive (absolute grounding self-evidence)