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Selected list of Husserlian terms discussed in SP

Zeichen: Anzeichen vs. Ausdruck [signs: indications vs. expressions]

Bedeutung: bedeutsam vs. bedeutungslos [meaning: meaningful vs. -less]

vouloir-dire = mean-to-say = bedeuten

Bedeutung = content of ideal sense carried by expression

Sinn: widersinning vs. sinnlos [sense: countersense vs. nonsense]

sense = pre-expressive experience

    = presence of intuitive act to ideal object

    = noesis-noema

Zeigen: Anzeigen vs. Hinzeigen [reference {renvoi}: indicative reference vs.expressive reference {"showing"}]

Weisen: Hinweisen vs. Beweisen [showing: indicating vs. demonstrating]

Kundgabe vs. Kundnahme [manifestation vs. grasping of the manifestation]

Sein vs. Dasein [being in general vs. determinant being, existence]

Körper vs. Leib [inert body/corpse vs. living body]

wirklich vs. vorgestellt [real vs. represented]

Realität vs. reell [outer reality vs. psychically immanent]

Vorstellung [representation in general; presentation of ideal sense]

Vergegenwärtigung vs. Präsentation/Gegenwärtigung [re-presentation vs. presentification]

Vorstellung as representing, taking place of another

lebendige Gegenwart [living present]

    retention/primal impression/protention

    retention [primary memory] vs. recollection [secondary memory]

Augenblick [blink of the eye]